Sunday, 9 June 2013

Why is our generation so depressed?

The question I have been thinking about most recently is "why is our generation so depressed?".
I think personally it's because we have EVERYTHING! cars, technology, clothes, education e.t.c. People want to be seen as 'rebels', they want to stand out and seem different, i mean let's face it, we're so obsessed with the new technology that has just come out that no-one really wants to spend time with each other and just mess around on iphones instead!
Parents give their kids everything they want just to make them shut up and so that they don't have to talk to them and there is no communication, no love . We're chasing after everything we shouldn't and we're trying to gain, gain, gain. We no longer care about our connections with people. Think about all your friends, how many of them are real? how many would actually help you in a situation? I can count eight but not everyone has the same 'results'.
We have been told by society that we aren't good enough, we're too fat, we're too thin, we're ugly, we're strange. We've been told how to dress,how to act and what is considered attractive. SO MANY BOUNDARIES!
I mean we're blaming society but yet we ARE society so to make it a better place we must change ourselves first!
Of course that's too simple. Depression is actually a much bigger thing-anyone who has ever been depressed will tell you that it's a whole body illness, your  emotions go wild and then you feel physically unwell, but i wonder, maybe we can prevent depression?
Maybe we can do more of what makes us really happy and I don't just mean 'yes I got to the third level on Fifa!' I mean 'really' happy we can adjust our levels of happiness! I personally felt utterly inspired by watching attraction on Britain's got talent 2013 but you can really get happiness anywhere!

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