Wednesday, 12 June 2013

THE ART OF- Miranda Skoczek


How would you describe your work?
As a combination of abstraction and representation, I believe I’m a formalist first and foremost, and I delight in the exploration of the paint’s physicality, in the act of ‘doing’. It’s a practice based on collection, sampling and assembly. Colour field abstraction is overlaid with forms from the natural world, and decorative iconography sourced from the beginning of image making to today. I have a fascination with the natural world, and animals are used in my work allegorically, but just as importantly because, quite simply, I revere them.
My painterly, built up surfaces are always coupled with graphic elements, where I suppose I mimic a machine made, hard edged, not of the hand etc etc look! It’s most important to me that the viewer’s eye traverses myriad surfaces, and so I like to convey cloth like, organic finishes, with shiny unnatural ones. It is these contrasts that allow me to create the element of surprise, and most importantly, to enable the picture reveal something new with each new gaze. My paintings are explorations of unrestrained fantasy, a bon vivant with no fixed narrative, a space to enjoy the exotic and escape the harsh realities we are bombarded with daily.

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