Friday, 7 June 2013

why being a teenager is embarrassing

A girl at my school asked if I could write about this after she had asked me for advice because she wanted other girl me to show how every girl feels this way!
When I was younger I used to think my stepsister was weird for being embarrassed about being a teenager and going through puberty but now she has left her school and I have turned into the person she was I can understand how she felt.
It is always embarrassing being 11 or 12 and going to buy bra's with your mum, having 'witnessed' this and been in this situation I get it! It always is embarrassing to go through puberty but it shouldn't be scary! I mean every women on the planet goes through this so they probably won't be that bothered that you're buying a bra! If any girl out there is embarrassed about getting measured for your bra don't worry! all you do is ask an assistant and they can take a tape measure and measure around your body just underneath your breasts! that's it you don't have to take off your shirt or anything!
not difficult at all!

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