Friday, 26 July 2013

Art academy

For the next 3 Thursdays me and my sister are going to art academy, it's basically a child minder club kind of thing where we focus on different artists and works, yesterday me and my sister made these: 
They came from the idea of Monet's water lilies, mine is the one on the right.
We also spend time at the beginning doing doodles and this is a picture of something that my sister drew:
I also did one:

Nature in art

Today me and sister went to Nature in art to take a course in stamping.
We did two different techniques, the first one we did was where we drew a design based on nature (i did a shell) onto a block  of wood and covered it in glue and the we got some string and cut it into bits and stuck it over the pencil lines, personally when I did I it it didn't really work very well:
(It's covered in paint btw)
The other technique we did was when we drew a design with a marker onto some polystyrene and then we got a sharp pencil and carved into the lines, this is what my stamp looked like:
(It's covered in orange paint)
Then we gathered both stamps and chose a coloured ink or poster paint, we then poured a pea size amount onto a board and rolled it out with some rollers, then we rolled over the stamps until they were covered  in ink and placed it onto a piece of card and rolled over the top, we then pulled away the stamp and this was what I was left with:

I didn't think that I used enough paint so I had some other go's experimenting with different colour card and paint:

It's a very fun and easy to do method, why don't you have a go or comment below?

My animation

This week I have been working on an animation of the frog prince, these are the figures I have created:

Wednesday, 24 July 2013




My gran mentioned biorhythms to me yesterday so I decided to do some further research on what they really were.
This is what I found out:
a biorhythm is a recurring cycle in the physiology or functioning of an organism, such as the daily cycle of sleeping and walking or in other words to properly define the matter a cyclic pattern of physical, emotional and intellectual activity said to occur in the life of a person.
The history of Biorhythms
In the beginning Dr Wilhelm Fliess noticed identical rhythms in the case
histories of his patients. He observed active and passive phases in the
physical, emotional and intellectual/mental aspects of humans. Out of these observations he derived the principle of the Biorhythms: The phsical curve with it's cycle of 23 day, the emotional curve with its cycle of 28 days and the intellectual/mental curve with its cycle of 33 days.
In other words a Biorhythm is one of three cyclic rhythms that are supposed to govern govern behaviour. The theory is usually treated as harmless entertainment, in the sane league as horoscopes and therefore attracts little controversy.
I calculated my Biorhythms on internet by typing the day, month and year of my birth.
My physical cycle is: 82
my emotional cycle is: -90
my intellectual cycle: 69
this is my Biorhythm graph:
(It also calculated my intuition, spiritual, awareness and aesthetic)

I don't really understand how the internet can calculate biorhythms because surely they're how you feel so I created my own biorhythm chart:

another new drawing

Monday, 22 July 2013

Our new project !!

Because it is the summer holidays my mum gave me and my sister a challenge to learn and make an information sheet about a country that we hadn't been to before. I chose Japan and my sister (who is 8) chose China.
We had to include:
• a map
• the flag
• the capital
• the religions 
• the language ( and we had to write our name and learn to say it, mine was Sukāretto)
• how far it is from the UK
• currency used
• population 
• national holidays
• king/queen or prime minister 
• food that they eat 
• animals 
• and climate
It sounds like a pretty hard project but actually we did it in about 4 hours which was good.
I found out that in Japan,
The capital is Tokyo and previously it was named Edo and was renamed Tokyo in 1867! 
My name in Japanese is like this:

This is what mine turned out like:
This is my sister's:
If you're bored one day why don't you have a go? It's actually seriously fun!
Also today I found this doll at the back of my cupboard in my room:
It's either Japanese or Chinese I don't know!
I did this as well I don't know again if its Chinese or Japanese:

New stuff: