Friday, 26 April 2013



Dont you just love looking at all the bright colours on the Pantone colour guides!

I cant exactly explain this, pure randomness!

The power of wrapping paper!

I just love Monet!

This was when my mum and dad went Morocco and they swam in a waterfall, I just tried to copy the photograph and added in some charms from some old Christmas crackers

I created this after I had gone to Bourton on the water with my family for a day out

I just did this in my spare time when I was a bit bored :)

As I am fond of Shakespeare I did this on the play Othello

I did this in the style of Suzi Blu who is a mixed media artist


Friday, 19 April 2013

awesome vid

As I have already told you I love the youtube channel 1veritasium but this video is just fabulous!
In this video they focus on the structure of the wings belonging to the blue morpho butterfly.

I am very fond of the blue morpho and have myself read quite a few different things about them but I have always wondered how it's wings are such a brilliant blue? This video answered my questions!

If you enjoyed the video on the slinky check out the channel on youtube called 1veritasium.
They post very good, not too complicated videos on different subjects in Science.
This one is about the misconceptions of temperature.
It's brilliant!

Have you heard of Vicki Hartman?

In art at school recently we have been looking at the work of Vicki Hartman, 
she is a ceramicist who lives in Rochester, NY with her husband and two kids.She has a BFA in ceramics from SUNY New Paltz and has also spent a semester abroad at the Moravian pottery and tileworks institution and formerly ran a custom tile and mosaic buisness.
"I intend for my work to be seamlessly incorporated into ordinary environments and daily life. I work for my pots to have a feeling of casualness and stillness, I want them to be inclusive and approachable. Ordinary environments are my source of inspiration.How people  create homes has captured me ever since I was a child- what we choose to get rid of, what creates comfort and safety, what is sentimental and what is a symbol of success. I make handmade objects because they  create warmth in a home and often remind us that imperfection is beautiful and authentic.
she uses:
  • dull colours
  • very realistic ideas
  • plain but powerful effects
These are where my ideas come in!

      I got this idea by looking at these houses that she made:

Another boring lesson at school.........

How do slinky's work?

This is an amaaaaaazing video seriously!
We watched it in my Science lesson at school and it's really interesting!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

The MORE you want the LESS you get!

When I was in Greece last year I went to a museum where i bought a clay cup, however this cup had a story to it, once there was a dinner party in Greece quite a long time ago, one man was invited who the others did not know very well and his name was Roderigo, when he entered the room he immediately was swallowed up and started to enjoy himself, when they all sat down to eat, the man started to be quite rude, when all the drinks were served the man was given a different cup, but he did not notice as he was talking loudly to someone else, then when he had finished his food and drank his wine he shouted to the servant for more wine. The servant poured more wine into the cup silently while all of the wine dripped out of the bottom.Then everyone laughed at him and cried "The more you want the less you get!"

Once upon a time.......

Why are stories and poems thought to be so much more interesting than real life?
Many people don't really understand what life actually is, so many people just mope around and live life to the limit of their abilities, they just stop trying. Well no, life is not boring, life is complex. Maybe if more people were to investigate into their likes and dislikes or possibilities and read more e.t.c. then we would make more discoveries and be more adventurous!

This was how bored I was in one of my lessons at school.......

  Boredness led me to do this...........
Art comes out of me at wierdest of times!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Is technology for the good or bad?

With the evolution of technology I am beginning to wonder if it is a good or bad thing, people walking around with their phones stuck to their ear constantly, we are becoming robots, do people have to be constantly entertained? is it necessary for companies to replace humans with robots?

Good points:

  • with an item like a phone you can contact your friends or parents and if you accidently miss the bus or something then you can call someone to pick you up
  • with a laptop, tablet or a device with the internet you can research things for projects at school or work for homework or independent work at home.
  • it brings new people together
  • technology saves lives.Without technology, many peoples heart would not be beating, some people who are walking wouldn't be able to and some people who can see would be blind.Technology is leading the way in the medical field,so many diseases are cured through the uses of advanced electronics.We can now get to places in the human body that we could never get to before.
Bad points:
  • many children spend ALL their time on social media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace e.t.c.)
  • nobody's life is really private anymore, on things like Facebook or twitter many people think that it is normal to let everyone know what they are doing 24/7 they don't seem to understand that nobody really cares

The art of Ronald Kurniawan

"I am inspired by ideograms, syllables, letter-forms, beasts and heroic      landscapes."

TOOLS: Graphite, watercolour paper, ink, parchment paper, watercolour, dyes, acrylic, brushes, computer, Wacom tablet, cintiq, iPhone.

CLIENTS: Dreamworks, Disney, Sony, Mattel, HP, Saatchi, W+K, TBWA, McCann Erikson, Mother, Passion Pictures, MTV, LA weekly, The New York Times, Bloomsbury, Harvard, Plansponsor, Wired.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS: _Summer Solstice Painting, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Roq la Rue Gallery, _The Drawing Club.

AGENT: Sam Summerskill (London)

The art of My Dead Pony (Raphael Vicenzi)

Born in 1972 in Charleroi, Belgium, lives in Brussels
TOOLS: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Walcom tablet, blue Bic pen, watercolour, markers
I am not worthy of my shoes, 2007, personal work

Raphaƫl Vicenzi(My dead pony)
Raphael Vicenzi
Morbid Fashion, 2008, personal work

The art of Marco Wagner

"As a child, I often felt uneasy about older people in my family, with their wrinkles, warts and thick glasses. 
I utilise this fear in my paintings."
  TOOLS:  Pen, pencil, paper, boards, cardboard, acrylic, crayons, Adobe Photoshop 

Surrealities, 2008 
Untitled, 2008, Effilee, magazine article "Fit durch Fett"

Zwei/1, 2008, personal work

The art of Guillaumit

Guillaumit was born in Martel, France and he lives and works in Bordeaux in France. 
TOOLS: Adobe Illustrator
"My work combines geometric forms, rigid colour schemes and funny cartoon characters."

Face, 2008, personal work

Family, 2008, personal work

Thursday, 4 April 2013

how do mood rings work?

Eduardo Bertone funny character

The art of Eduardo Bertone

"Different media get fused together in spontaneous, chaotic and strident ways to wake us up from a sedative and superficial world.Textures and colours enwrap us, representing the visual saturation commonly used to achieve dazzle and creating dreams, desires and insecurity."
 Eduardo Bertone was born in 1977 in Rosario, Argentina, lives and works in Madrid, Spain
TOOLS: pens,  pencils,  acrylic,  spray, paint, watercolour, canvas, wood, paper, recycled materials, Adobe Photoshop.

The art of Andrew Bannecker

"I dream of digital ink on antique paper. Layering texture upon texture and telling a story"

TOOLS: Adobe Illustrator, Walcom yablet, vintage ephemera

Uncertainty, 2007, personal work
Tears of hope, 2008, personal work
Smart is the new sexy