Saturday, 29 June 2013

Hello again world! Nice to see you!

Hello world! I have decided to emerge from my nutshell and gain interaction with the outer world! The reason I haven't blogged recently is because i've been very busy with my school work, sorry ;(
Anyway I thought that it might be a nice idea to get some questions from ny friends and try to answer them so here goes:
Lizzie age 13: "Me and my mum haven't been getting on very well recently, what should I do??"
ME: maybe try to bond with your mum? you could find something that you both enjoy and try to get together a day where it's just you and your mum spending time together or if that doesn't work you could ask her to help you with something like your homework and share ideas/work together on something.
Lottie age 15: "My friends are turning against me and I feel really upset about it, PLEASE HELP!!"
ME: I think that maybe you should consider your relationship with your friends, do you get on well? Because if your friends are just leaving you then I would just try and forget about them because they're just not worth it, Also to make you feel better maybe try to spend some time doing something you love (like drawing, doodling, dancing, singing, writing e.t.c.) or talk about your feelings with someone you trust like a counsellor or parent/carer.
Hasta La Vista!

Sunday, 16 June 2013


At half term I visited Paris with my grand-ma because I'm learning to speak french, It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  We were going to go to the Louvre and the pompidou centre but the cues were over 3 miles long so we went to MonMartre and visited the artist quarters which were amazing! the several artists who who sell their work there sell there painting for about 10-20 euros for a small painting (A4-A5). They seem expensive but they are WORTH it!
Here are the paintings i bought:

Also we saw the Eiffel tower, the oblisque, the Arc De Triomphe, the Musee d'Orsay, Les Invalides, Notre Dame and because we went on a tour bus we also had the chance to visit Versailles (we also saw many other sites too).
Here are the pictures I took with my camera:

 this was such a cool sculpture!

 I have been studying the model of London station
the framework at London station is just fantastic!

the reality of urban nature- a poem that I have wrote

The reality of urban nature
Urban nature- so depressing
A single dandelion wafting in the breeze,
Surrounded by tarmac
And the false hopes of teens.

Plastic chairs sit meaninglessly in the way,
They don't move,
They don't talk,
And of time they do not pay.

The air filled with smells,
Of odours and fumes,
Of mysteries and discoveries,
That have never been mused.

The plants so stiff with dehydration that the leaves and branches snap off without a care,
They swirl,
They drop,
And wither in the air.

The frost on the grass,
Glints from the light of the moon,
We all hope,
That this cruel,
Cold winter,
will be over very soon.

The grass 'decorating' the edges of the terrain,
So yellow with lack of sun,
Acting as a barrier,
And protecting the inner pun.

As you see,
The world around me,
Is being carved and cut away,
Being scythed through,
and cut into pieces,
Like slicing through,
A Large Lump of..... CLAY.

I know it's quite long but the words just kind of came to me!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

how to genetically modify a tomato.....

Last weekend I went with my mum to the science festival in Cheltenham. We visited a tent where they talked to us about how they were genetically modifying tomatoes (and other things we eat) it was very interesting!
this is what i learnt and some other stuff that I found out:

What are GM foods? 
GM stands for genetically modified food.GM foods have been artificially changed by scientists in a laboratory.
In the past, plants have been improved by breeding them with other, better plants - a natural process which takes years. But with GM foods, it's done quickly and artificially, and lots of people are worried about it.

Are they dangerous? 
There have been angry debates between scientists and campaigners about whether GM foods are safe or not. Campaigners against GM foods say:
  • GM foods can damage your health - research showed that rats eating them didn't grow properly. New diseases could also be created by accident.
  • Different species are being mixed up - to give a tomato a more reddish colour, it may be given parts of a very red fish, which seems to be against nature.
  • Because GM foods are new, there has not been any long-term testing to see if they are dangerous to humans

Give me an example of how food is changed? 
People often use the example of the genetically modified tomato.

Tomatoes are used in a lot of foods, but they rot quickly and don't always taste nice. So GM tomatoes have been created which last longer, look redder and taste better.

Do GM foods have any real benefits? 
Scientists argue GM technology is the future of food. They say plants can be bred to fight off weeds and pests, so crops are never spoiled.
We can then produce more food, like rice, and feed the world's starving people. Food could also be cheaper because there would be more of it.

Are GM foods allowed in the UK? 
GM crops have been grown on a few farms in Britain, as an experiment and the government has now said that GM maize can be grown in the UK.
But people have become so worried about GM foods that most of the big supermarkets have banned them.
Most items should say on the label if they contain genetically modified ingredients - you can decide if you're happy to eat them or not.

THE ART OF- ronagreen


THE ART OF- Miranda Skoczek


How would you describe your work?
As a combination of abstraction and representation, I believe I’m a formalist first and foremost, and I delight in the exploration of the paint’s physicality, in the act of ‘doing’. It’s a practice based on collection, sampling and assembly. Colour field abstraction is overlaid with forms from the natural world, and decorative iconography sourced from the beginning of image making to today. I have a fascination with the natural world, and animals are used in my work allegorically, but just as importantly because, quite simply, I revere them.
My painterly, built up surfaces are always coupled with graphic elements, where I suppose I mimic a machine made, hard edged, not of the hand etc etc look! It’s most important to me that the viewer’s eye traverses myriad surfaces, and so I like to convey cloth like, organic finishes, with shiny unnatural ones. It is these contrasts that allow me to create the element of surprise, and most importantly, to enable the picture reveal something new with each new gaze. My paintings are explorations of unrestrained fantasy, a bon vivant with no fixed narrative, a space to enjoy the exotic and escape the harsh realities we are bombarded with daily.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Why is our generation so depressed?

The question I have been thinking about most recently is "why is our generation so depressed?".
I think personally it's because we have EVERYTHING! cars, technology, clothes, education e.t.c. People want to be seen as 'rebels', they want to stand out and seem different, i mean let's face it, we're so obsessed with the new technology that has just come out that no-one really wants to spend time with each other and just mess around on iphones instead!
Parents give their kids everything they want just to make them shut up and so that they don't have to talk to them and there is no communication, no love . We're chasing after everything we shouldn't and we're trying to gain, gain, gain. We no longer care about our connections with people. Think about all your friends, how many of them are real? how many would actually help you in a situation? I can count eight but not everyone has the same 'results'.
We have been told by society that we aren't good enough, we're too fat, we're too thin, we're ugly, we're strange. We've been told how to dress,how to act and what is considered attractive. SO MANY BOUNDARIES!
I mean we're blaming society but yet we ARE society so to make it a better place we must change ourselves first!
Of course that's too simple. Depression is actually a much bigger thing-anyone who has ever been depressed will tell you that it's a whole body illness, your  emotions go wild and then you feel physically unwell, but i wonder, maybe we can prevent depression?
Maybe we can do more of what makes us really happy and I don't just mean 'yes I got to the third level on Fifa!' I mean 'really' happy we can adjust our levels of happiness! I personally felt utterly inspired by watching attraction on Britain's got talent 2013 but you can really get happiness anywhere!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Ha! my Eastenders chums dedicated their restaurant to me!

EastEnders spoilers June 2013 (© BBC Pictures)

why being a teenager is embarrassing

A girl at my school asked if I could write about this after she had asked me for advice because she wanted other girl me to show how every girl feels this way!
When I was younger I used to think my stepsister was weird for being embarrassed about being a teenager and going through puberty but now she has left her school and I have turned into the person she was I can understand how she felt.
It is always embarrassing being 11 or 12 and going to buy bra's with your mum, having 'witnessed' this and been in this situation I get it! It always is embarrassing to go through puberty but it shouldn't be scary! I mean every women on the planet goes through this so they probably won't be that bothered that you're buying a bra! If any girl out there is embarrassed about getting measured for your bra don't worry! all you do is ask an assistant and they can take a tape measure and measure around your body just underneath your breasts! that's it you don't have to take off your shirt or anything!
not difficult at all!