Sunday, 16 June 2013

the reality of urban nature- a poem that I have wrote

The reality of urban nature
Urban nature- so depressing
A single dandelion wafting in the breeze,
Surrounded by tarmac
And the false hopes of teens.

Plastic chairs sit meaninglessly in the way,
They don't move,
They don't talk,
And of time they do not pay.

The air filled with smells,
Of odours and fumes,
Of mysteries and discoveries,
That have never been mused.

The plants so stiff with dehydration that the leaves and branches snap off without a care,
They swirl,
They drop,
And wither in the air.

The frost on the grass,
Glints from the light of the moon,
We all hope,
That this cruel,
Cold winter,
will be over very soon.

The grass 'decorating' the edges of the terrain,
So yellow with lack of sun,
Acting as a barrier,
And protecting the inner pun.

As you see,
The world around me,
Is being carved and cut away,
Being scythed through,
and cut into pieces,
Like slicing through,
A Large Lump of..... CLAY.

I know it's quite long but the words just kind of came to me!

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