Saturday, 29 June 2013

Hello again world! Nice to see you!

Hello world! I have decided to emerge from my nutshell and gain interaction with the outer world! The reason I haven't blogged recently is because i've been very busy with my school work, sorry ;(
Anyway I thought that it might be a nice idea to get some questions from ny friends and try to answer them so here goes:
Lizzie age 13: "Me and my mum haven't been getting on very well recently, what should I do??"
ME: maybe try to bond with your mum? you could find something that you both enjoy and try to get together a day where it's just you and your mum spending time together or if that doesn't work you could ask her to help you with something like your homework and share ideas/work together on something.
Lottie age 15: "My friends are turning against me and I feel really upset about it, PLEASE HELP!!"
ME: I think that maybe you should consider your relationship with your friends, do you get on well? Because if your friends are just leaving you then I would just try and forget about them because they're just not worth it, Also to make you feel better maybe try to spend some time doing something you love (like drawing, doodling, dancing, singing, writing e.t.c.) or talk about your feelings with someone you trust like a counsellor or parent/carer.
Hasta La Vista!

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