Thursday, 11 April 2013

The MORE you want the LESS you get!

When I was in Greece last year I went to a museum where i bought a clay cup, however this cup had a story to it, once there was a dinner party in Greece quite a long time ago, one man was invited who the others did not know very well and his name was Roderigo, when he entered the room he immediately was swallowed up and started to enjoy himself, when they all sat down to eat, the man started to be quite rude, when all the drinks were served the man was given a different cup, but he did not notice as he was talking loudly to someone else, then when he had finished his food and drank his wine he shouted to the servant for more wine. The servant poured more wine into the cup silently while all of the wine dripped out of the bottom.Then everyone laughed at him and cried "The more you want the less you get!"

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