Friday, 5 April 2013

Is technology for the good or bad?

With the evolution of technology I am beginning to wonder if it is a good or bad thing, people walking around with their phones stuck to their ear constantly, we are becoming robots, do people have to be constantly entertained? is it necessary for companies to replace humans with robots?

Good points:

  • with an item like a phone you can contact your friends or parents and if you accidently miss the bus or something then you can call someone to pick you up
  • with a laptop, tablet or a device with the internet you can research things for projects at school or work for homework or independent work at home.
  • it brings new people together
  • technology saves lives.Without technology, many peoples heart would not be beating, some people who are walking wouldn't be able to and some people who can see would be blind.Technology is leading the way in the medical field,so many diseases are cured through the uses of advanced electronics.We can now get to places in the human body that we could never get to before.
Bad points:
  • many children spend ALL their time on social media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace e.t.c.)
  • nobody's life is really private anymore, on things like Facebook or twitter many people think that it is normal to let everyone know what they are doing 24/7 they don't seem to understand that nobody really cares

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