Friday, 5 April 2013

The art of Ronald Kurniawan

"I am inspired by ideograms, syllables, letter-forms, beasts and heroic      landscapes."

TOOLS: Graphite, watercolour paper, ink, parchment paper, watercolour, dyes, acrylic, brushes, computer, Wacom tablet, cintiq, iPhone.

CLIENTS: Dreamworks, Disney, Sony, Mattel, HP, Saatchi, W+K, TBWA, McCann Erikson, Mother, Passion Pictures, MTV, LA weekly, The New York Times, Bloomsbury, Harvard, Plansponsor, Wired.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS: _Summer Solstice Painting, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Roq la Rue Gallery, _The Drawing Club.

AGENT: Sam Summerskill (London)

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