Monday, 22 July 2013

Our new project !!

Because it is the summer holidays my mum gave me and my sister a challenge to learn and make an information sheet about a country that we hadn't been to before. I chose Japan and my sister (who is 8) chose China.
We had to include:
• a map
• the flag
• the capital
• the religions 
• the language ( and we had to write our name and learn to say it, mine was Sukāretto)
• how far it is from the UK
• currency used
• population 
• national holidays
• king/queen or prime minister 
• food that they eat 
• animals 
• and climate
It sounds like a pretty hard project but actually we did it in about 4 hours which was good.
I found out that in Japan,
The capital is Tokyo and previously it was named Edo and was renamed Tokyo in 1867! 
My name in Japanese is like this:

This is what mine turned out like:
This is my sister's:
If you're bored one day why don't you have a go? It's actually seriously fun!
Also today I found this doll at the back of my cupboard in my room:
It's either Japanese or Chinese I don't know!
I did this as well I don't know again if its Chinese or Japanese:

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