Sunday, 14 July 2013

Chillin with mah Gnomies.....

At my stepsisters 16th birthday party my step aunty arrived with 5 sets of paint your own gnomes so, as we were told we painted the gnomes. Mine was a bit of a spastic and had a purple shiny beard (thank you glitter glue!), My stepsister did one who was a psycho killer gnome with blood dripping down it's fingers (red paint obvs!), My younger sister did the gnome a pink beard with glasses, My step cousin's girlfriend (James thomas's girlfriend to be precise! *I did a piece about his artwork earlier on*) did a kind of towie gnome with a stripy pink and purple beard and a bumble bee on his back and James did his own design from his artwork. I think James's was the best and he painted my name on it and gave it me so I took a picture of it, here it is:
 pretty cool eh?

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