Friday, 26 July 2013

Nature in art

Today me and sister went to Nature in art to take a course in stamping.
We did two different techniques, the first one we did was where we drew a design based on nature (i did a shell) onto a block  of wood and covered it in glue and the we got some string and cut it into bits and stuck it over the pencil lines, personally when I did I it it didn't really work very well:
(It's covered in paint btw)
The other technique we did was when we drew a design with a marker onto some polystyrene and then we got a sharp pencil and carved into the lines, this is what my stamp looked like:
(It's covered in orange paint)
Then we gathered both stamps and chose a coloured ink or poster paint, we then poured a pea size amount onto a board and rolled it out with some rollers, then we rolled over the stamps until they were covered  in ink and placed it onto a piece of card and rolled over the top, we then pulled away the stamp and this was what I was left with:

I didn't think that I used enough paint so I had some other go's experimenting with different colour card and paint:

It's a very fun and easy to do method, why don't you have a go or comment below?

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