Wednesday, 1 May 2013


When I was younger in Primary school I used to think that bullying would never happen to me and that it didn't exist, of course I had heard the stories of cyber-bullying and gruesome stories that kids talk about at primary school that totally creep you out about kids flushing your head down the loo at secondary or when kids hang themselves because they were bullied but I guess I just thought that it would never happen to ME. I have to say I have never actually been bullied but kids at school still say mean things and learning to overcome this is very hard but important at the same time, as I am quite small you can imagine that many people take the mick but after a while you just have to learn to laugh as well. When you think about WHY people act in a particular way it is crucial to think in their position, they might be being abused emotionally or physically by their parents or they might be adopted or maybe even being bullied themselves I don't know but being mean is no way of conquering this situation and some people just get triumph over making others feel small. There are many different forms of bullying and sometimes people over react about what actually IS a form of bullying, I mean taking someone's ruler is not bullying! I think the most important thing to remember is that the person who you either hate or love or admire is NOT actually you, just because they act differently to you doesn't make them a bad person and also think about what they say and if maybe whether you over reacted and they're just being completely friendly and you took it the wrong way? Some people behave and are brought up differently and something that you might think is totally without a doubt terrible they might do or think on a regular basis and something that you think is OK they might think is wrong but that's life and you can't form other people's opinion only your own, I mean forming your own opinions is something that people should welcome as they grow older and changing and developing your own  ideas and thoughts is just normal.

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